Miscellaneous tracks

Security check at Istanbul Sabiha Airport, October 2018.
Broadcast on Framework Radio, September 2020, show #725.

Lockdown in Toronto changed the soundscape of the city only a little bit. While it was suddenly possible to hear micro sounds like whispering ice and quivering leaves, the downtown airport never stopped working, silencing everything with the roar of airplanes. The sound of melting ice on Lake Ontario in the coldest month of the year reminded me that we are running out of time.

Broadcast as a part of BEAST FEaST 2021: Sonic Dispatches, programme by Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre

Broadcast on November 12th, 2021 as a part of As If Radio program, a collaborative radio space created in response to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow.

Part of CENSE collective mix, broadcast on December 28th on Radio Punctum, Prague, Czech Republic

A symphony of metal on metal, rubbing and rustling, whistling and dropping, captured in real time as a passing cargo train testifies at a Sorting Station in St. Petersburg, Russia. The recording was made in extreme close up, hands outstretched holding the stereo microphones, as the music floated past in a restless theme and variation, a found moment of unexpected beauty and surrender.

A journey into a forest of grasping branches and moaning haunted winds. Breaching the first circle admits us to a place without a map where a call to prayer reaches through megaphones in a hypnotic and incantatory rhythm. Right alongside there is another scene at play, as hockey players slap their wooden stick branches on the ice, transforming a winter pond into an arena of sport and pleasure. The finale offers us a final conversion, a last rite, as the queen of French cats snacks on a delicacy, while chimes quietly close the curtain.

There is a song that turns a chair into a throne, that converts a wooden board into a banquet table, that turns a heart of cold indifference and self-concern into a warm embrace. Needless to say, it is difficult to learn the song, it can take even the best and most diligent student years to grasp. And because it possesses such force, it can’t be contained in the body, so after singing it just once, the singer has to retire the song, and never sing it again.

Broadcast on Community Radio Tbilisi/Common Waves as a part of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, October 2020.

I was born in Ulyanovsk, a Russian city situated on the Volga river, about 700km east from Moscow. I commuted to school every day on a streetcar, model Tatra T3. These cars were made in Czechoslovakia in the 1970s, and some were still running in 2019 when I visited my hometown. I took a nostalgic ride through the city on an old, dilapidated Tatra T3 and was captivated by the groaning, screeching machine. The city has already started to replace its streetcars so this might be my last ride on this ancient beloved. Hoping to preserve a sweet memory I made some recordings on a sunny September afternoon.

Broadcast on CIUT.FM, Toronto - in Electric Sense program